Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New T-Shirt Available!

A big giant robot that is being attacked in a futile gesture by a military unit of tanks. As far as his intentions being misunderstood… well, he’s a big robot. Who really knows what his intentions are, or if we should try to relate to him?
I had submitted this design awhile back to a contest for a local shop to promote their business. It didn’t make the cut- but with some redesigning I’ve decided that it would make a damn fine t-shirt, regardless. I’m planning on more designs and art for t-shirts and will of course inform and enlighten as to when the next offering will be. I am a big fan of printed t-shirt art- art in galleries and museums seldom get the exposure that a well worn shirt will get… unless of course, you buy a shirt promoting said museum/gallery. And here I was thinking my art would have a leg up on the fine arts… heh.

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