Sunday, October 10, 2010

Digital Drawing at Acme Superstore!

I'm currently working toward a project which ideally will showcase my skills both as an illustrator and as a designer- I'm creating a "sourcebook" for a superhero based role-playing game (which system, I'm as yet uncertain but am thinking of either Champions and/or Mutants and Masterminds) which I plan on doing the art, writing, and layout. We'll see how far this goes, but I am hoping to showcase some of my creations inspired from my drawings from childhood, as well as the characters created for the role playing games I used to play. The sketch above is a screen shot of a character that I was working on at Acme Superstore today- The guys at the store invited artists to hang out at the shop and draw, so I lugged my iMac in and did some artwork. I found it a great place to draw in- anyone in the Longwood, FL area who frequents the shop can attest to the generally friendly good-natured folks there as these guys really enjoy the culture of comics, toy collecting, and related genres of interest.

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