Monday, January 28, 2013

Angel of the Improbable

 Again, I got the topic from Illustration Friday, a site where they post a new topic- well, every Friday. This week was "wings." I've done some pin-up art illustrating cybernetic angels, which I had considered, but really I'm seeking to show a broad range of topics in my illustration with my pursuing subject matter from this site, so I explored some ideas utilizing this imagery to expound upon the idea of atheism. I have an interest in the arguments concerning religion, belief, reason, etc. and had wanted to address this in my art at some point. I had also seen some atheist T-shirts that struck me as uninspired graphically, and had set about working on an illustration (which I'm still working on) that would address atheism in a more visual and challenging way, rather than some blanket statement on the shirt. This could end up on a shirt for that purpose- I set about creating this using a dot pattern to show a gradient that hopefully will print better on a shirt than I think a straight up gradient will do (as has been my experience with a previous design).

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